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Proofreading International specializes in providing thorough, extensive native-English proofreading of psychological manuscripts, posters, and books. All proofreading is performed by the owner, Michael Cofrin, Ph.D. No work is out-sourced! Thus, you will receive consistent results every time.


Most important to me is that while providing a quality service that I enjoy performing, customers are extremely pleased with the service. My goal is for customers, who are undoubtedly very busy, to know that they can trust the quality of my work and rely on prompt delivery and confidentiality.


I also proofread technical process manuals, websites, flyers, and more!




I provide only thorough, extensive native-English proofreading for grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, style, consistency, and content. That is, I do not proofread for only basic grammar and punctuation. I have found that this type of superficial proofreading to be unrewarding for both me and the author.

Services also include proofreading for terminology, statistical methods, and APA formatting. I was trained in a generalist doctoral program. Thus, I am familiar with the literature in most disciplines in psychology. Having a strong statistical background, I also proof manuscripts with a keen eye for statistical procedures and methods. Proofreading for APA 5 or 6 formatting is also included, depending on the publisher’s criteria.

Documents are proofread using Microsoft Word’s reviewing feature. Click here to see a one page example of an edited manuscript (original, edited). Generally, turn-around time for a 35-40 page manuscript is 2-3 business days.


Pricing and Billing


My price is 35 €/hour. To obtain a total price quote, I need to see the document(s). Time and price depend largely on the quality of English writing or translation and the complexity of the manuscript. Keep in mind that I am flexible according to department budgets and allowances.


Average Expected Range of Costs:


Manuscripts (35-40 pages, double-spaced): 150-250 €.

Dissertations: 300-600 €.


An invoice will be sent to the designated department. For dissertations, 50% is due after the completion of the Introduction and again after completion of the remainder of the document.


About the Owner


I am a social psychologist living in Heidelberg, Germany. I earned my doctorate at the University of New Hampshire. My core courses are Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology, and Statistics. In Germany, I taught the Psychology of Leadership and Linear Statistics at the University of Heidelberg. Presently, I teach 1-2 General Psychology courses per year and occasionally a block seminar at the University of Heidelberg.


My business background extends back to the 1980s and 1990s. I was manager of information systems at corporate headquarters at one of the largest hospital companies in the U.S., and I owned my own computer company that provided advanced software solutions and training.


Contact Information


Michael P. Cofrin, Ph.D.

Moselbrunnenweg 5

69118 Heidelberg

Outside of Germany: +49 6221 328 4834

Germany: 06221 328 4834